aubreeTransformational Breath® uses a connected breath pattern that awakens the infinite wisdom & healing possibilities found inside the breath. 

Breath is our direct connection to source energy & life. Without it, we are not alive! As we breathe……so shall we live. Transformational Breath® uses a connected breath pattern that Are you seeking clarity? Profound Healing? Looking for inspiration that catapults you forward on your evolutionary path? This intensive is for YOU!

Transformational Breathing gives YOU the POWER to make POSITIVE change in your life. Throughout the weekend, you will learn and understand how to harness the potency of your breath to create the life you want to live. Make peace with the past so you may fully receive the grace of the present, and truly be a co-creator in manifesting your highest dreams. You will make huge breakthroughs you never thought were possible. Each day, you will be guided through experiences that free your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual bodies.

If you would love to embrace life more fully, have more energy, and radiant health- this work is for you.

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Next Transformational Breath workshop is October 20, 2018 and December 15, 2018

breathwork instructor Aubree Saia

Aubree Saia, 500 E-RYT, is a gifted healer, teacher, and transformational guide. She offers her guidance from a deep well of authentic experience in the yogic healing arts and beyond.

She began her practice more than 20 years ago, and has been sharing her love of yoga with others for the past 15 years. She has been blessed to assist with her inspiring teachers Shiva Rea, Dr. Judith Kravitz, and has spent many moments studying in the presence of numerous master teachers. Aubree infuses her intuitive awareness, creative sequences, mantra, music, intention & ritual to create a sacred space for your self-exploration and inner healing journey.

Aubree is a Certified Prana Vinyasa Teacher/Trainer, Transformational Breath® Facilitator, Raw Food Nutrition Coach, AcroYoga Teacher, Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Thai Massage Practitioner, and the founder of Jewel in the Lotus Yoga, LLC in Madison, WI.

Ecstatic Breathwork with Shaman, Jacques Theron

Induce an altered state of consciousness, making a true shamanic journey possible via very simple techniques.

This session aims to reconnect you with the joy of your true being. The word “ecstasy” is derived from the ancient Greek, meaning ‘to stand outside oneself’ – this implies standing outside the Ego and its limitations, in order to experience spiritual bliss and divine connection. We will therefore be using the power of the Conscious Breath to access a state of harmony and ecstasy.Ecstatic Breathwork is safe, powerful and accessible to all. It requires no concentration, visualization, counting or specific methods – only the sustained rhythm of faster and deeper breathing. Apart from the breathwork, the process is an alchemy of several powerful elements – evocative music, movement and bodywork, as well as shamanic healing practices. This workshop will practice Ecstatic Breathwork for healing, emotional release, enlightened insight or vision. The session creates a safe space for you to access more of your personal and spiritual truth, as well as allowing you to enter the joy and ecstasy of aligning with your divine essence. And the truest gift of a breathwork session is that shifts take place on a visceral level, which have long-lasting effects in your life.

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The next Ecstatic Breathwork is October 23, 2018

breathwork instructor Jacques Theron

Jacques Theron was born in Australia in 1971 and has since lived on four continents and learned to speak six languages fluently. In 1996 Jacques acted on his true calling: practicing as a therapist and writing full-time. Since then he has trained extensively in shamanism in South America, practiced Rebirthing and Conscious Breathwork, as well as studying mythology, Tarot and the symbolism of the unconscious.”The Building Blocks of Tarot ” (a book explaining the symbolism of the Tarot cards) and “Healing Doorways ” (a visualisation CD) were both released in 2004. In 2007 he published the “Classical Mythology Deck “, which he illustrated and conceived. Jacques first walked the Santiago-de-Compostela pilgrimage in Spain in July 2001. The experience touched him so profoundly that he now runs a facilitated spiritual process along this ‘Way of the Stars’ with other pilgrims every year. He currently runs regular workshops in the United States, Brazil, South Africa and Europe.

Introduction to Therapeutic Breathing

The breath is an integral focus in virtually all yoga traditions because of its profound physiological effect on healthy body mechanics.

Now, research shows that yogic breathing techniques accelerate therapeutic gains for numerous conditions, such as back pain, scoliosis, tonal issues, temporal mandibular joint problems, pelvic floor issues, and numerous circulatory and respiratory disorders – not to mention their calming and refocusing effects on patients during therapy.

This course provides the tools you will need to evaluate respiration effectively, while illustrating what your standard examinations – focused on range of motion, posture, and balance – have been missing. The yogic breathing exercises taught in this course are applicable to people with everyday aches and pains. Discover a systems model approach to treatment that produces lasting results, and learn hands-on, how to teach yourself and clients anywhere, anytime exercises and body awareness skills that will keep them happy, healthy, and out of the clinic.

What you will learn:

●Proper breathing techniques.

●How the breath is important for people with back pain, scoliosis, tonal issues, temporal

mandibular joint problems, pelvic floor issues, scoliosis, anxiety, and numerous circulatory and respiratory disorders.

●The impact of the core connections and diaphragm on the entire body.

Course Outline


Importance of Breath

●Who are the best breathers?

●Breath and Posture

The missing links in our Standard Assessment/Evaluations



●How the breath and vision can be used as part of our observation skills and in our



●The organ of posture and breath

●And the true core is …….?

●Systems model approach-medicine today

Somatic psychology

Fascia connections

Acupuncture and acupressure

Understanding how this model works in therapy today

Who should attend this course

Anyone who wishes to improve quality of life is welcome to this course. No prior experience with yoga required. All health care and medical professional are highly recommended to take this course. This course qualifies as CEU’s for all medical professional. Please contact your own licensing board for specific filing requirements.

What to bring

●Yoga mat, blanket, pillow, and a bottle of water.

●Dress in comfortable clothing that allows for exercise and free movement.

●Pen and paper or notebook for taking notes.

Book Signing

Participants will have the opportunity to purchase Michelle’s books at the end of the course, and have her sign the books.


$50 Preregistration

$60 Day of

The next Intro to Therapeutic Breathing is coming Spring 2019.

breathwork instructor Michelle Lindset-Wehner

Michelle Lindsey-Wehner DPT, PT, MBA, CPT, Certified Kundalini Research Institute Instructor, Reiki practitioner offers nationwide workshops teaching health care professionals to integrate neurotherapeutic, sensory, postural, and yoga techniques effectively in evidence-based physical therapy. She has served as a guest speaker at the National Spinal Cord Injury Association Conference, the American Physical Therapy Association, the American Recreational Therapy Association, and Cross Country Education’s Rehab Summit in 2009, 2010,and 2013.

Lindsey-Wehner is the owner of Rising Star Therapy Specialists, LLC, in Phoenix, AZ, where she specializes in treating pediatric and adult clients with special needs. Lindsey-Wehner holds a dual Bachelor’s in Kinesiology and Physical Therapy, a Master’s of Business Administration in Health Care Management, and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Her passion for innovative treatment draws both from her experience as a clinician and her athletic background as a nationally-recognized competitive gold medal figure skater, elite marathon runner, and professional speed skater. The author of two books, The Wellness Equation and the Metamorphic Gift offering hands-on postures, breathing techniques, and exercises that promote healing and body awareness.