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Kundalini Basics
Learn basic Kundalini Principles, class format and breathing techniques.  You will leave feeling spiritually open and connected to yourself and others around you.  This is a beginners class so weather you are just getting started or are brushing up on your skills this class is for you! Modifications will be given to people with injuries. All Levels.

Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga classes are a dynamic blend of yoga postures, dynamic movement, breathing techniques, mantra, music and meditation which teach you the art of relaxation, self-healing & elevation. Balancing the body and mind enables you to experience the clarity and beauty of your soul.  No previous experience in yoga is required for you to achieve results with your very first class. All Levels.

Intermediate Kundalini Yoga
For the more seasoned practitioner.  We recommend that you have at least 5 Kundalini Basic classes under your belt or previous Kundalini experience.  This class offers advanced level Kriya and an introduction to the more dynamic movements of Kundalini Yoga.  There is an emphasis on Pranyama, breath control and energy locks to direct the energy you create. Intermeditates.

Mindful Vinyasa  
We’ve added gentle Hatha Yoga components to Vinyasa. You’ll feel the effects of a well rounded practice, a balance of yin and yang, allows the body to open up to release tension.  Get the best of both worlds in this go at your own pace class. The stress of everyday life often leaves us with tight muscles, back pain, fatigue, and restlessness. This class draws on yogic tools to counteract the effects of stress and restore vitality and well being.  An extended period of gentle stretching and warm up works to reduce muscle tension and increase flexibility.   Breathing techniques and Kundalini exercise sets build energy and strength. All levels

Vinyasa Flow Levels 1-2
An energetic practice allows you to sweat, move and activate the bodies circulation. Sun salutations and traditional Asanas connect and flow together while the breath and movement are synchronized creating a moving meditation. Play with expertly guided inversions and balancing poses.

Qi Gong
Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese art and science over 4,000 years old. Cultivate your internal Qi and manifest what you need on a physical level. Learn how to control, distribute, and store purified Qi by way of meridians, gateways, and centers throughout the body. Intention by visualization, breath, and gentle movements allow you to tap into your Qi field to create harmony between you and the fluctuating environment on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. With practice, Qi Gong enhances your overall health and vitality with improvements in posture, respiration, self-awareness and concentration, to name a few. You no longer feel out of sync, but become one force with nature. All levels welcome.

Gentle Hatha 
Increase flexibility and ease the symptoms of injuries and problem areas in the body. A slower progression of postures and longer holds allow for self correction. Synchronization of breath and body provide a moving meditation. Learn how to use yoga props, blocks, straps to safely modify and support postures. This class is a great place to start if you are new to yoga. All Levels welcome.

Candle Light Yin Yoga supported by Reiki
The perfect end to a looooong work week. Come out of the hustle and step into this cozy serene space. Treat yourself to a relaxing yoga class/healing session. Shed off accumulated stress and ease into the weekend. Restore tired muscles with deep stretching, breathe, relax, shed off accumulated stress and ease into the weekend. An extended hold of yoga postures opens tissues for Reiki to be accepted into the body. Reiki is a gentle energy balancing treatment that induces a state of peace and is given to each student at lease once during class.  Led by Reiki Master, Jerry Mikutis. All Levels.

Gentle Hatha
Asana sequences in this class are designed to realign and open the many channels of the body—especially the main channel, the spine—so that energy can flow freely. Hatha is also translated as ha meaning “sun” and tha meaning “moon.” This refers to the balance of masculine aspects—active, hot, sun—and feminine aspects—receptive, cool, moon—within all of us. Hatha Yoga is a path toward creating balance and uniting opposites. In our physical bodies we develop a balance of strength and flexibility. We also learn to balance our effort and surrender in each pose. Hatha Yoga is a powerful tool for self-transformation. It asks us to bring our attention to our breath, which helps us to still the fluctuations of the mind and be more present in the unfolding of each moment.

Bhakti Vinyasa Flow: Mantra and Movement
Your voice is a powerful tool for cultivating radiant health, abundant power, and focused energy. Explore a creative integration of yoga practices including breath-synchronized sequences of chanting during yoga postures,  meditation, music, restorative yoga (supported postures for relaxation) and inspirational storytelling. Experience your voice and use its resonance to heal the body and open the heart.  Cultivate a deep sense peace, devotion, strength, clarity and total well-being.  No previous experience is required.



Monthly New Moon, New Beginnings Meditation, Healing Gong Immersion with Reiki Healers
Welcome the New Moon with an intense group meditation!  This magical time of beginnings when you can recharge goals or set new ones.  At the New Moon, goals and wishes take root, as you reach out for spiritual wisdom, draw on unseen allies and open the door to magical change.  If you have never experienced the healing vibrations of the gong or a hands on reiki energy balancing treatment you are in for a treat! Yogi Tea and community chill out time to follow. more info/register

Monthly Full Moon Fire Ceremony and Meditation with Live Music
Full Moon Fire Ceremonies are a common practice in many ancient traditions. Join us for a Native American Ritual with a Kundalini Twist! This powerful moon phase allows the past energy to move along to its highest spiritual progression to be released so that we may invite new energy to take over it’s place in our lives.  Our very own, Karampal, classically trained musicians, guitarist Geoff Luk and violinist Oyla set the tone for this awe inspiring event.  All this magic takes place in our beautiful garden courtyard around the sacred fire. Share this  time with us.  Free yourself from whatever it is that is holding you back and begin to consciously manifest the life you want to live! more info/register


Community Healing Circle  (1st Fridays)
Inviting seekers and healers of all disciplines to join and share their knowledge in a friendly non-judgmental space. A “healing circle” is a group of like-minded people who give or receive healing or energy work. Power is created by the overall intention of the group to heal, learn and give. Just being in the room is healing! Participants will get a chance to learn about all this “New Agey” stuff you wonder about! Practice techniques that help you become more present and powerful in your life. Discover alternative non-invasive therapy for you and your family, get your questions answered and decide which modality is best for you. Potluck fashion and loads of fun! Entrance $10 | Mini Healing Sessions by donation. Suggested donation: $1 per minute-bring small bills  more info/register


Third Eye Cinema (3rd Fridays) coming soon! 
Community movie night is back! Gather with like-minds for a relaxing evening under the big screen. We will view spiritual films that raise awareness, are uplifting, conscious expanding, and maybe have some mystical quality. We will discuss our perceptions and how we can relate our experiences to helping one another and our communities. Let’s share, laugh, eat some yummy food, debate, cry, grow together and pop some corn.  Bring blankets, pillows and anything you need to feel cozy. Veg friendly Potluck- bring something to share if you can. Showtime 8:30pm |  Suggested donation: $7   more info/register here


Cosmic AbunDANCE with Dance Movement Therapist, loving goddess, Julie Brannen   
(Every 4th Friday) Beginning March 23, 2018!  
Prepare for take off into a star lit healing vortex of dance movement therapy.  Drop the labels and inhibition for a few moments to sooth your soul. Get those endorphins (nature’s high) going as you traverse your inner cosmos in this full blown sensory experience. Win the freedom that comes from just letting go and find true peace and contentment. We’ll come back to earth and nite cap with a short and sweet meditation.


Acro FUNdamentals or Thai and Fly tba
Open your practice with the ease, comfort and the support of a partner. This workshop touches upon all the disciplines that AcroYoga offers, combining Yoga, Acrobatics, and Thai Massage. The class experience includes: Circle Ceremony, Mirrored Asana, Partner Yoga Flow, Assisted Inversions, Partner Acrobatics, Flying Sequences and Thai Massage. Grounded in the breath, we will draw upon the natural forces of gravity and “metta” loving kindness to encourage the body to let go of fear and tension. Students are requested to have familiarity with yoga. No partner necessary.



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