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Take a Class Series and optimize your learning experience at Sat Nam Yoga.

A few times a year our teachers offer in depth study on a variety of yoga or meditation related topics. Guaranteed to be knowledgeable, insightful, progressive and engaging these classes are designed to help you expand your practice. We will break down topics that are not normally shared in depth. Taught by your favorite teachers during their normal class times. Delve deep into a full series or drop in. All classes are the regular class price.

Detox Your Temple with Karampal Kaur

6 WeekKundalini Yoga Series

Wednesdays 5:30 Beginners | 7:30pm Intermediates

October 11th – November 15th | Fall 2017

Our Annual Fall Detox Series is right around the corner! As Summer winds down, naturally, so does your body. It’s time to slow down and support your natural ability to remove toxins from the body. Get rid of the gunk and mental garbage buildup. Function at your optimal capacity. Tuning up to support the immune system this time of year is crucial to a healthy winter. For 6 Weeks, we will reset the body through Kundalini Yoga Kriya. We will reset the mind with meditation, a study of where you store your emotions and how to self regulate. Ending each class in discussion of herbal remedies, some yoga homework and a delicious ayurvedic drink tonic all designed to detoxify each of our target organs. Let’s prepare mind, body, and spirit for the change of season ahead of us. We are supplementing our detox this year with a New Qi Gong Series- Restore Your Temple (info below) Feel your whole inner universe by combining Kundalini and Qi Gong for 6 weeks! Optional Community Juice Cleanse begins Nov 16, the last day of our detox.

Week 1: Liver

Week 2: Kidneys

Week 3: Intestines & Stomach

Week 4: Blood and Circulation

Week 5: Spleen

Week 6: Lungs

All Levels welcome. Click here to view the class schedule & register.

Restore your Temple with Venus Sabay

Qi Gong 6 Week Series 

Tuesdays 6:30pm 

October 10-November 14 | Fall 2017 

Experience the wholeness of your Universe by combining with the Kundalini 6 Week Series above. 

Learn how Qi Gong and Kundalini complement one another, and allows for an “eagle eye” view of awareness. While Kundalini awakens the qi at the base of the spine, Qi Gong allows you to mindfully direct the qi flow. Together, the mind-body-spirit realms sing in harmony elevating your consciousness to a whole new level! Perfect for those who are ready to deepen their practice and want to be a master of their qi.

6 Week Program:

Strengthen and Meditate on each organ through soundBoost the immune system to supplement Kundalini detox.  All levels welcome. Click here to view the class schedule and register.


Intro to the Basics of Tai Chi

The Sacred Art of The Walking Meditation with Jimmy Chan

Tai Chi 4 Week Progressive Series 


“To be as soft as silk yet strong like steel. To be like the peaceful cloud waving in the sky while thunderstorms brew. To be as gentle as the wind that ripples through the forest. This is TaiJi (Chi).” -Jimmy Chan

Learn the sacred art of the walking meditation known as, Tai Ji Quan. A powerful series of walking meditations that have been passed on for generations to inspire healing through movement and conscious breathing. Each  week, students will experience in depth study of 2-3 postures- learning proper form and the lessons that come with each.  In our fourth session we will combine all 9 postures to feel the rhythm and flow of this ancient practice. Tap into the wisdom of the sequence as we experience the gifts and benefits it brings, creating a walking meditation you can take anywhere.

*This will be the first of many series of exploring these insightful walks of meditation. Each step, each class, each series will build on the last, building confidence and calmness in your practice and into all aspects of your life.

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