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I love this place and for sure I am getting a membership, if you are looking for place you can enjoy a yoga class, a spiritual experience, a community experience and feel you are part of the group then this is your place, I had a great time and I was able to achieve what I came for. What other studio will offer you tea after the practice???!!! -Grace D.

I have taken the Vinyasa Yoga class at 7 am with Brandy and I love the class. Brandy allows you to challenge yourself in a comfortable space she creates. She is encouraging and a great instructor. I get calls from the studio asking about my experiences, and offering me deals on classes. I highly recommend Sat Nam for those who want to experience yoga outside of the box! -Jaimie P.

I took an easy level Kundalini class and by the end I felt really alive, energized and totally fascinated with the whole Kundalini way of doing yoga. I knew I’d be doing this for the long haul.  The space itself is something that’s so centering it’s a perfect place to unwind and really focus on your self for 90 heavenly minutes. The teachers are truly inspired and inspiring, it was like having a personal trainer right there to guide me through and inspire me to go beyond myself which I did and it felt so so good!  My second time going there they had a special event;  a new moon gong ceremony and it was off the chart in terms of positive energy. Then my third time I went there  was  a healing circle which I loved.  What has amazed me is how strong a community there is at this place. After 2 weeks, I felt a connection with almost everyone there. It is such a pleasure to be there but also a great learning experience. I’m really aware so much more about what taking care of myself means! -Perry V.

I have experimented with all kinds of yoga versions for the past 2 years and boy…there is no class like a kundalini one.
Karampal is wonderful, magical and beautiful inside which also contributes to her class’ ambiance. It is always a pleasure to indulge in a Sat Nam session.  The gong bath and meditation are really relaxing and simply melt your stress away. Magical experience. Oh!  I love the yogi tea they serve at the end of class, the little discussions, no fakeness,  just real genuine people surrounded by  positive energy and greatness! Life is good. Sat Nam! -Annette J.


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