Strengthen Your Nervous System, Re-boot with Meditation and Dump Anxiety for Good!

Life can throw a lot at you. The real question is whether you are going to duck out of its way or whether you are going to face it head-on.

A healthy nervous system is a very telling factor when analyzing a person’s strength. We must be able to handle stress and be less nervous in tense situations. Being paralyzed is such a helpless feeling. Something as big as the unknown after a divorce, or as little as a scary movie, can affect a person in the most severe way! (speaking of, can’t wait for the remake of Carrie in October…)


Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is a marvelous way of benefiting you and your nervous system. One with a strong nervous system has is able to handle the unknown of life coming at them like a speeding semi on the freeway. They can handle it!

Have you ever sat in a scarey movie and been so affected by a scene that you jumped ten feet in the air, shrieked like a schoolgirl, maybe thrown your popcorn and then hid in your neighbor’s lap? This little moment of self inflicted terror while fun for some is completely taxing on others.  Spirit Voyage mentions that a person cannot grasp the reality of an event and as a result avoids it altogether. Someone with nerves of steal can watch and experience a scene no matter how painful. You cannot control what is happening in a movie, but you can control whether you allow yourself to experience reality. The same goes with everyday life.

Kundalini Yoga practice can help you through painful events that are very hard to get passed. With a strengthened nervous system, a person can be present, process events faster, work through the hurt or discomfort and still move forward with ease!  With a daily practice of Yoga and Meditation you actually create the capacity to process pain, recognize and release!

RE-BOOT WITH MEDITATION. Have you updated your operating system?

Mastering the art of multitasking is not an uncommon theme amongst us big city career folk! We have all been there…clock is ticking closer to deadlines, you have about 15 minutes to complete 5 tasks… 3 out of the way… we are “winning”… things seem to be going smoothly, you feel the pressure building…. then…. BAAAAM! Your computer crashes, starts running painfully slow and is as inefficient as an old school dial up connection! What tha…? What now? You RE-BOOT, close excess windows, delete the 100 or so messages in your trash and pray that everything goes back to normal. Meditation is the same game. When your mind is foggy and you don’t have the capacity to deal with what life brings your subconscious is full of trash! Your trash bin is filled with the 100-2000 thoughts that you don’t need anymore nor do they have anything to do with you or the tasks at hand! Clearing the subconscious mind or “dumping the trash” allows your body’s computer (your brain) to run more efficiently with confidence and clarity! At Sat Nam Yoga Chicago you will experience the power of a clutter-free mind.

New to Kundalini Yoga and Meditation? No need to fret! Trying new tactics to live stress free can be FUN! Our teachers are knowledgeable, insightful and are experienced enough to ease anyone into this practice. Peep our schedule of awesome classes and join us sometime. We are here to help!

Look into the science behind Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, check out this article about the nervous system and brain wave frequencies.

Going Beyond the Mat, here are a few tips:

Cut out the caffeine

  • Caffeine will frazzle your nerves – sure, the temporary boost will be nice but will still leave you stressed (possibly more) at the end of the day
  • Have some Yogi tea instead. It’s rich in antioxidants, strengthens the immune system, detoxifies the body and it’s yummy!

Stay hydrated

  • Water, is your skin dry? this is a sign you aren’t drinking enough.  Recommended consumption of water is 8-8oz. glasses daily.

Breathe deeply

  • Simple, effective… I bet you’re trying it out right now and you already feel better, don’t you?

Physical affection

  • Whether it’s a hug, snuggle session or something even more intimate – release those good endorphins!

Eat healthily

  • The truth: Junk food makes you depressed and the brain sluggish.
  • Eat nutrient rich food and feed your brain and your blood, not your emotions.


  • A few jokes can go a long way
  • Also, it’s an effortless ab workout – Hello, happier beach season!

Put down the cell phone

  • Disconnect! Allow yourself to live in the moment and appreciate it
  • Read a book – transport your worries away


  • Sleep and more sleep!
  • Reducing technology use before bed also allows more rejuvenating sleep and decreases the chance of insomnia

Gong Baths

  • Sooth, relax on a cellular level, heal and rejuvenate your spirit! Join us for our monthly Gong Baths.

Sat Nam, all.