Gong Immersions & Sound Therapy

Release, relax and restore with the serene healing soundscapes of multiple gongs. Gong Immersions and Gong Resonance Therapy sessions are great for those who love a good massage, but don’t like to be touched; for those that need release, but don’t want to talk about their problems. The vibration of the gong is one of the only known instruments that has the power to penetrate our nervous system, invoking shifts in consciousness, and allowing blockages to be cleared on both physical and emotional levels. In these sessions, you won’t just hear the gong, you’ll feel it, as it effortlessly guides you into a meditative state of calm. Think of it as sonic purification of the subconscious mind, or just a deeply relaxing time to come back into a state of peace.


New Moon, New Beginnings

Meditation, Multi-Gong Journey with Karampal & Master Reiki Healers

The New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle, a fresh start in it’s cycle of waxing and waning. During this time the Moon is empty and receptive and full of potential. This is an optimum time to plant seeds of intentions for what you wish to manifest in your life. Most of us, live our lives so disconnected from the Earth, and devoid of any kind of ritual that creates the space for us to connect. The New Moon provides us with an opportunity to carve out time in our lives for the sacred space needed to take care of ourselves. It’s essential. We will heal through Kundalini movement, Reiki and vibratory sounds of a multiple gong immersion. Come for a blissful sensory experience! No prior yoga or meditation experience is necessary. If you’re curious…COME. All are welcome.


Effects of the Moon Phase

Kundalini Yoga

Mantra and Candle Light Meditation to experience group consciousness

Gong Immersion Therapy and Reiki Healing with Master Level Healers

Time: Prompt Start! Arrive by start time even if you have registered online. The workshop opens up to a standby line after the scheduled start time. Please arrive promptly, online registration is recommended. We are no longer accepting groupons, deals, comp cards, guest passes for this event. No class passes-this is a special event.

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winter solstice sound journey with venus, gian arjan and karampal

Dec 21 

Create Harmony with the serene soundscape of multiple gongs and singing bowls. This solstice we invite you to bathe in waves of sound!
The shortest day and longest night, the solstice asks us to go within and reflect on the past solar year. This is a time to intentionally meditate on how far we’ve come and how far we have left to go. Accepting all our steps, through the shadows and the shine, the vibration of the gong will assist in our process of only taking what we need into next year.

As the gongs and subtle tones of bowls and tuning forks work together in harmony, their calming vibrations work their way into our body to effortlessly release stress and dis-ease. The gong commands the mind’s attention, purifying the subconscious and silencing unwanted thoughts. In this place of “optimal inattention,” we’re able to reduce our perceptions and symptoms of emotional and physical pain, and re-attune to the wholeness of who we are. This is a gong journey to get going! To clear out the clutter. To light up our own lives and shine through the seasons. This is an opportunity for you to release, to relax into a new year, to feel the power of sound and come out as constant as the sun.

Feel free to bring a yoga mat, blanket or pillow for your comfort.




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An Akashic Gong Journey with Tracey Ostrand

img_0433Dec 19 The Womb Matrix

April 13 Abundance

Using the energy and the guidance of the Akashic Records and the vibration of the Reiki infused Gong, we will go on a heart opening inner journey. We will explore our vulnerability and find our strength in it. We will find and invite the release of the spaces that keep our heart closed to ourselves, others and the life we desire.

The Akashic records will assist us in holding the space of unconditional love and activating our intuition and knowing; and throughout this journey the Reiki infused gong will be supporting us and also inviting us to move deeper in this process. In middle of the journey we will let the Gong start to fully speak, helping us to shake off all that is no longer serving us. The frequencies of the gong facilitate the movement of “chi” or “prana” in the body and initiate the release of blocked energy that can often manifest as fear, fatigue, depression or illness.

Participants will lay on the floor for most of the experience. Please bring a mat, blanket, pillow and any items in support of your deepest clearing and relaxation. After the Journey the records will assist us in answering any questions that may have arisen during the journey and to bring clarity and confirmation to what was received. An evening of deep relaxation and healing awaits you.

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$35 Day Of

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Private Sound Therapy Sessions with Gian ARjan SIngh

Find deep peace and release with a private Sound Therapy Session. The gong holds the power to penetrate our nervous system and command the mind with it’s non-rhythmic resonance. In these sessions you effortlessly drift off into a state of optimal inattention, where you’re able to reduce your perceptions of emotional and physical pain. The vibration of the gong acts like a sound massage for your physical and subtle body, purifies the subconscious and can invoke dream like visions in those receiving. These private sessions are uniquely tailored to you, and designed to create harmony through providing you an opportunity to simply be with the sound current.

Private gong sessions incorporate the harmonics of 3 gongs: A 38″ Paiste Earth Gong, 32″ Paiste Symphonic and a 22″ Chau. Tuning forks tuned to 528hz, as well as singing bowls and chimes to enhance the serene soundscapes of the gongs and ground us in vibrations of unconditional love. Expand with what Yogi Bhajan called “the instrument of infinity.”

Private sessions are available almost every day of the week as part of our Healing Services program.

$65 for 30 minutes
$100 for 60 minutes

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