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Qi Gong

Discover the power of self healing through moving meditations to create a relaxation response to stress, sharpen the mind, enhance the immune system, and even reverse the aging process. It is a different approach to health. Instead of a high physical intensity work out, it is slow gentle movements and coordinated breath to allow you to cultivate your qi, or life force energy. Think Tai Chi, but not martial arts based. The exercises are simple, repetitive, and build your energy instead of depleting it (like working out at the gym for example). You learn how to defend yourself against illness and emotional stress, and break the patterns that contribute to your stress. Just one class will leave you feeling centered, calm, and self aware.

In these sessions you will learn how to harmonize your Qi with the seasons
Each season has its own qi and correlates to different emotions, and organs within the body.  As these cyclical energies greatly influence the functions of each organ, our inner balance and relationship to the surrounding environment are also affected. Become a force with nature, and no longer feel out of sync.


Heart warming qi gong with tibetan singing bowls

There is always room for heart wisdom. In this class you will delve into your divine presence and strengthen your Heart Qi. Explore different movements to promote blood circulation while raising the spirit and cultivating a clear, sharp mind. Radiate love and joy all year round!  Good for healers and first timers who have not experienced physical manifestations of Qi.

Class will end with a sound healing meditation using Tibetan singing bowls.

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qi gong: immune booster series with sound healing  

Learn how to generate and sustain the warmth your body needs at this time of year! The winter particularly affects the kidneys causing low back pain, poor memory, the emotion fear, and sluggish qi. In this series we will strengthen, cleanse, and increase qi circulation in the kidneys, while improving overall immune function in the body. Zap away those winter blues and build your kidney qi!

Role of the kidneys: They control the bones, marrow, brain and manifests in the hair of the head. They play a primary role in water metabolism and the body’s liquids. They regulate and store our Essence, and therefore responsible for growth, development and reproductive functions. Essence is your hereditary constitution, and what you obtain from food and air. This Essence is converted into qi used to supply the entire body, nourishing the brain and spirit.

Tips on improving kidney qi circulation:

Massaging the kidneys:
Make fists with your hands and using the flat part of your fists rub the kidneys (located below the rib cage, should feel a little tender) in a circular motion starting from inner to outer

Stand up and raise your arms as you inhale, and bend down hands almost touching toes as you exhale and repeat

Stand up and twist to one side feeling a gentle stretch in the lower back, repeat on other side

Avoid eating salty foods!

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Sundays at 2:00pm

venusYour instructor, Venus Sabay

In acknowledging the effectiveness of self-discovery and truth, her objective is to guide each person to their own unique path via healing and balance in the mind-body relationship realm.  Turning off the outside world while emphasizing intuition, creativity, and imagination, she utilizes the power of intention with coordinated breath and gentle moving meditations. Her Qi Gong Classes allow each individual to experience the inner working of their universe with significance and ease, creating a more harmonious life.

Since 2006 she has cultivated the skill of breathing, and in 2012 became a Certified Medical Qi Gong Practitioner under the study of Sifu Gail Galivan at Inner Alchemy Energy Medicine. She has worked at Rush Medical Center and Mathers-More Than a Cafe, to incorporate recreational and wellness programs for the senior community.  She graduated with a BA in Psychology from University of IL at Chicago in 2000.  As a musician and singer, Venus also draws inspiration from performing regularly around the city.