If you’ve attended classes at Sat Nam Yoga Chicago recently, you may have heard of these words being tossed around in class, or in the class descriptions, “Friday’s Reiki and Yin yoga class, Reiki Attunements, or Reiki Social.

What is energy? Most of us are familiar with the dreaded close talker at a party who backs us into a corner, or even the children’s game of “I’m not touching you.” Energy is in and flows in the space beyond our physical bodies. In these situations, we’re not being physically touched, but for most of us, it generates an uncomfortable feeling that someone is in our space, that we may identify with as lower vibrations. Lower vibrations just don’t feel good. We know them as anger, stress, discomfort, backaches, that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach among others.

On the flip side, we have feelings of bliss and contentment when near a loved one, that we may even feel it as physical sensations in our bodies. Reiki is a form of energy and a way of accessing higher vibrations that we all recognize and crave, such as love, joy, happiness. In the process, the lower vibrations begin to have a lesser hold, and our authentic selves, who we really are, begins to shine through.

Reiki is a particular frequency that is accessed by anyone who has been attuned by a Reiki Master Teacher (RMT), usually in a one day workshop for each of the levels. Reiki is amazingly simple to learn and as a side benefit, it enhances one’s sensitivity to energy and their own intuition. After being attuned to Reiki, one can give others and themselves Reiki treatments, as well as always having a connection to the higher vibration to apply to all areas of their life.

Common experiences of Reiki while getting a treatment include: warmth radiating out the hands of the giver, rivers of currents in the body, some see soft colors, and nearly everyone feels a sense of peace and bliss, not unlike getting a massage, but without the deep physical manipulation of the body.

Furthermore, the extended benefits of Reiki enhances a wholeness to one’s life with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Benefits include: resolving back pain, eradicating sleepless nights, addictions to substances such as coffee and cigarettes have been broken, an extra sense of motivation in one’s life purpose and goals is easily recognized, including professional ones. One student of mine has said she feels “shinier” in that people seem to seem to smile at her more, in that her vibration

The benefits that I’ve personally experienced with Reiki have been a greater sense of peace and calmness in my life. I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for many years. While I still experience both, the episodes are smaller. Minor health issues have disappeared, such as pervasive and constant acne on my face that I’ve had since my early 20s. You’d think that by the time I’m dealing with wrinkles, the acne would have gone in the way of the teenage years, but since being Reiki attuned, the constant acne on my face was gone within a month and hasn’t returned in the 4 years since.

In the big scheme of things, these improvements and benefits of Reiki may seem small compared to the bigger picture, that they’re for selfish gain, for what does that have to do with world peace. But I consider them signs of being on the right path in life, that you’re able to bring your entire being into alignment, a way of being your most authentic self, that your are more “shiny.”

An analogy that I love is that each of us is a light, which is who we really are at the core, our true essence, our spark, vitality, what makes us alive. And we have the bowl the light is in, which represents the personality, the body, the physical form we have in this life. Through the course of living our lives, stones get put into the bowl, such as anger, our boss annoys us, someone cuts us off on the road, having a bad attitude and many other things of lower vibrations that block that light. And to me, Reiki is one of the ways of making it easier to clear out the bowl, dump the stones, so our light can shine, so we can be who we really are meant to be.

Written by Jerry Mikutis, Reiki Master Teacher at Sat Nam Yoga Chicago.

Jerry Mikutis offers Usui Reiki Attunements Level 1, Level 2, Master Level Attunements Monthly at Sat Nam Yoga Chicago. Catch her weekly class- Friday night Candle light Yin Yoga Class with Reiki. She offers support for Reiki Healers and holds space for Reiki practitioners to hone their healing skills at SNY’s Monthly Reiki Social Event (every 3rd Monday).

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