At Sat Nam Yoga Chicago, we average a 50:50 men/women ratio in our classes–and with good reason!  Yoga enhances every aspect of a man’s relationships, health, and inner life.  Here are 7 benefits of Yoga for those of us who are men:

1. Strength—In addition to aiding flexibility and range of motion, asanas (postures) are designed to build muscle and develop strength throughout the body, giving us amazing physical power and agility.  Yoga will give you an edge in other sports, which is why athletes like LeBron James, Barry Zito, and Shaquille O’Neal are yoga enthusiasts!

2. Improved Focus—Did you know that women are better than multi-tasking than men?  It’s been scientifically proven  (  Kundalini yoga assists us in heightening our mental acuity, balancing the left and right sides of the brain and increasing our capacity for cognitive processing.

3. Nerves of Steel!—With kriyas (groups of exercises) designed to release fear of the unknown, we can clear away unconscious fears that would block us from freely being our honest selves. The practice is designed to help us stay calm and balanced in all kinds of adversity.

4. Detoxification—It is common for men to have over-active adrenal glands.  Yoga detoxifies the adrenals, immune system, nervous system, and kidneys.  Stored tension in the body which would otherwise deplete our energy dissolves when we practice yogic breathing techniques and postures.  The practice keeps us vibrant, vitalized, and ready to tackle life’s challenges. Sweat those toxins out after a night out with the guys!

5. Yoga works for every size, shape, and body type–It does not matter how flexible we are. It doesn’t matter how we look while practicing the postures. Yoga offers profound benefits for the linebacker, triathlete, and couch potato alike. The practice helps push personal boundaries to develop increased flexibility, endurance, muscle strength. The postures and meditations give us a calm, unshakable foundation regardless of where we come from. Our space is non-judgemental—we’re here to be supportive to each other in becoming our truest, most powerful selves.

6Sexual health— We wouldn’t leave this one out!  Kundalini yoga improves every aspect of sexual health: enhanced sex drive and sexual potency, increased vibration of sexual energy for healing and spiritual transformation, helps cure sexual dysfunction, phobias, and erectile dysfunction. Yoga improves energy and vitality, develops lower body strength and flexibility, and tones the legs and buttocks. Don’t mind if we do!

7.  Everyone likes the hot yoga guy!