Yoga Birthday Parties

Yoga Birthday Parties …. How cool is this!? Celebrate your special day in a fun and unique way. Yoga is a gender neutral activity for all ages!

Create the sweetest yoga experience for your guests. Choose from traveling to outer space, a yoga safari, a nature walk, or incorporate your own favorite story and characters.  Miss Melissa will work with you to customize a whimsical yoga journey!  We will inspire the lil’ ones through yoga art,  spark their imagination and apply basic yoga postures to build confidence in a non competitive way.


  • 3 hours for up to 10 Children

  • 1 1/2 hour Customized Yoga Class and Yoga Games

  • A lovely sunny victorian setting to entertain family and friends.

  • Clean up


Fee: $300

Additional 1/2 hour $50
$10 each additional child
B.Y.O decorations, food, treats and refreshments.

Call for a consultation & to make arrangements (312) 818-5949