Cacao Ceremonies

Sat Nam Yoga Chicago is honored to host Cacao Ceremonies loving curated by medicine sisters, Sam Bianchini and Madison Rose. The ceremonies gives anyone curious and intentional the chance to connect with the Spirit of the Cacao as a tool to safely open their heart to be healed, to be inspired, and to be transformed.

We host about 6 a year (one every other month) and they tend to sell out far in advance, so we highly recommend pre-registering when you intend to come contribute to the experience of connecting with Spirit in this beautifully held sacred circle of sharing cacao, the sacred song of icaro and peace.

Our site has been glitchy folks. If you have registration issues please call 312-818-5949 to register by phone. We apologize for any inconvenience. 


What is a Cacao Ceremony?

In Mayan culture, Cacao was used ceremonial to commune with the Gods. Today, we continue this sacred traditional by drinking cacao to reconnect with the deep wisdom of our own precious beings. Facilitated with love and attention by Sam Bianchini and Madison Rose, this ceremony invokes guided meditation, breath work, sacred song (icaro), creativity, and sharing as tools for clarity, joy, and release.

Whether you are looking to move through blockages, release negative energy, or simply experience ecstatic joy and transcendent bliss, this ceremony is for you. 


Cacao Ceremony

Bridge the gap between heart and spirit in this elevating experience! Ceremonies not indicated as gender specific are open to all people who are curious about working with the Spirit of Cacao to heal and transform, to come alive and love and be in the vibration of joy, honor and gratitude. Join us to feel the Earth energy hold you in deep compassion, providing space for you to reflect and revitalize.


Women’s Cacao Ceremony

Since the beginning of time, women have been gathering together to share in the secrets of the Divine Feminine. As we come together and see one another in Luminosity, we heal as women, as sisters, as mothers, as daughters. As we bond in sacred circle, we weave a tapestry of strength, nurturing, and true Love for the planet and all sentient beings. Women’s Cacao Ceremony is to honor this connection.


Sam Bianchini

is a 500hr RYT yoga teacher, shamanic healer, and cacao goddess. She has been studying with medicine men and women around the world for many years, and integrates these sacred studies into the modern American society to bring healing. Currently she travels the world to hold ceremony and teaches yoga as she deepens her own spiritual life.


Madison Rose

Madison’s yoga journey began in Kerala, India where she stared her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Classical Yoga. Her classes unite mind, body, and breath as a means to become more aware on and off the mat. She delivers creative and playful sequencing with focus on alignment and body awareness. She invites her students on a journey, where they can experience strength and flexibility in mind and body, release through relaxation and stillness, compassion-centered yogic philosophy, and thought-provoking mindful meditations to begin and end each class.