An abundant life is rich in balance, beauty, and the flow of energy. In present day times, connection and compassion are essential and begin in our bodies, bringing light to the shadows of scarcity, fear, and even hate. Through the embodiment of various dance and movement forms, this class invites abundance in as a natural way of being. When we start to believe that good fortune does not have to be deserved, earned, or paid for, we open up to our inherent infinite potential, rooted in self-acceptance and the mantra: I am Enough.

This class is a dynamic, holistic journey of warm-up, exploration, immersion, and reflection. Students will connect to a felt sense of authenticity and creativity to cultivate prosperity from the dance inside.

Acro Yoga

Sunday is a fun day at Sat Nam! A perfect time to test drive a variety of hybrid yoga styles with Master Teacher, Tatiana Sanchez. In this dynamic 90 minute class all Levels of students are introduced to the concepts and health benefits of simple to the more complex acrobatic inversions. Each class will end with assisted therapeutic stretching of Thai Massage. Increase your strength in poses, rest deeply and probably share a laugh or two.

This is an all levels class. Come if your curious and cultivate your practice!

Bhakti Flow

Get your Bhakti on! Your voice is a powerful tool for cultivating radiant health, abundant power, and focused energy. Explore a creative integration of yoga practices including breath-synchronized sequences of chanting during yoga postures, meditation, music, restorative yoga (supported postures for relaxation) and inspirational storytelling.

Experience your voice and use its resonance to heal the body and open the heart. Cultivate a deep sense peace, devotion and total well-being.

No previous experience is required. 

Early Morning Sadhana

Sadhana is your personal, individual spiritual effort. Sadhana is whatever you do consistently to clear your own consciousness so you can relate to the infinity within you. To cover all the bases, it will include light exercise, meditation, and prayer. Work at your own pace you are also welcomed to lie down and soak in the healing effects of just listening to the vocal sound bath. 

Early Morning Aquarian Sadhana consists of the reciting of Japji, a short Kundalini Yoga set, and the 7 Aquarian Mantras left by Yogi Bhajan. It is a very elevating way to start your day, and a cornerstone to our Kundalini Yoga practice.


Gentle Hatha

The physical practice of yoga is a reflection of our own inner world and the constant flux we experience in order to feel the contrast of shadow and light.

In this class we will be practicing the art of ebb and flow. Hatha, translated as "ha" (sun), and "tha"(moon), reminds us of the balance of masculine and feminine qualities in all of us. In gentle hatha class, we practice balanced and slower moving sequences that provide active and heated poses, some longer holds and harmonized with cooler, receptive asanas to integrate opposites. We continue to bring our attention to our breath to become the observer and connect body and mind.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga classes are a dynamic blend of yoga postures, pranayam, mantra, music and meditation which teach you the art of relaxation, self-healing & elevation. Balancing the body and mind enables you to experience the clarity and beauty of your soul. No previous experience in yoga is required for you to achieve results with your very first class.

Qi Gong

Feel empowered and improve your body’s ability to fight off disease and infection. By encouraging lymph flow and strengthening the Qi field, we will access the body’s preventative healing abilities towards illness. When the Qi is healthy, the mind, body and emotions are healthy! All levels welcome. Class will end with a seated meditation.


Our restorative classes are all about Surrender. Gentle flow and movement will warm the muscles and create space in the body to prepare it for deep relaxation. Letting go of thoughts, relaxing muscles and allowing props such as bolsters, blocks and blankets to hold your body and support you. Breathing deeply is encouraged so you can drop into a meditative state becoming present and deeply aware.

Leave feeling nourished and well rested.

Tai Chi

Explore various methods for health, self defense, longevity, greater power and self awareness.

An introduction and all levels approach to various methods and aspects of the fascinating world of the school of martial arts. Move your life force energy through TaiChi (walking meditation), baguazhang (more aggressive form), xingyiquan, qi gong (subtle form) and other systems of internal cultivation.

TaiChi's silk reeling, push hands and fajin (whole body intrinsic energy). Baguazhang's circle walking moving meditation and dragon serves tea exercises as well as the five elemental theory and movements from xingyiquan will all be covered and explored in detail.

All levels welcome. No prior experience in martial arts is necessary just an interest to explore. 


Experience inner harmony through creative yoga sequences linked together through the breath wave. In most classes you will achieve a whole body transformation of strength and fluidity, circulation and centering. Restore energy, strength, and balance. In Mindful Vinyasa, you’ll experience slower progression of vinyasa asana with focused attention on alignment awareness. Experience asanas in their fullness as you feel yourself in them like never before. Create a yoga toolbox for healing physical and emotional illnesses with your own strength and intention.

A perfect class to build upon your practice and understanding of your own self healing abilities.

Yin Yoga

The perfect end to a looooong work week. Come out of the cold and step into this cozy serene space. Treat yourself to a relaxing yoga class and self healing session. Shed off accumulated stress, restore tired muscles with deep stretching, breathe, relax, and ease into the weekend. An extended hold of yoga postures rejuvenates the muscles and increases the circulation of the body. Practitioners have greater joint mobility and restore balance to the internal organs and improved flow of chi or prana through meridian stimulation.

A perfect compliment for cyclists, runners and people on go who want to gain flexibility and range of motion.