AbunDANCE Movement Therapy

Tapping into the inherent source of creativity within us, Dance Movement Therapy is the practice of holistic embodiment.


Becoming conscious of the body/mind connection, we explore how movement behavior emerges in the functional, expressive, communicative, and adaptive realms.

Through various dance and movement forms, this practice invites abundance in as a natural way of being. An abundant life is rich in balance, beauty, and the flow of energy. In present day times, connection and compassion are essential and begin in our bodies, bringing light and healing where it is needed. When we start to believe that good fortune does not have to be deserved, earned, or paid for, we open up to our inherent infinite potential, rooted in self-acceptance and the mantra: I am enough.

Classes are a guided journey, dynamic laboratory, and lively interplay between self and others with phases of warm-up, exploration, immersion, and reflection. We aim to increase; body awareness, present moment tolerance of emotional experience, and internal non-verbal expression. Students will connect to a felt sense of authenticity to cultivate prosperity from the dance inside. No prior experience with dance or structured movement necessary, only open minds and willingness to embrace that inner-child that loves to dance!

AbunDANCE is Fridays at 730pm
with Julie Brannen

Please dress in loose comfortable clothes that allow for movement.


Cosmic AbunDANCE + Kava Circle

Every 4th Friday

A Monthly Community Dance Party! Abundance goes cosmic with a splash of Kava every 4th Friday. Join Julie for a star lit version of Dance Movement Therapy! Traverse your inner cosmos and connect to a felt sense of authenticity and creativity to cultivate prosperity from the dance inside. We’ll come back to Earth to nite cap with a short and sweet meditation.

Kava Circle before the dance

Lets gather around for a cup or two of Kava! Kava is a root found on South Pacific islands. Islanders have used kava as medicine and in ceremonies for centuries. Kava's calming effect may relieve anxiety, restlessness, sleeplessness, and stress-related symptoms such as muscle pain, tension or spasm. Great for yoga sore bodies and perfect pre-dance treat! A cup will be served to all who wish to partake. Additional cups available for a $2 love donation. Kava sponsored by our friends at Tropikava Cafe.


Julie Brannen

Emerging as SheWolfMama, is set out to unleash the wild within. She is devoted to the transformational power of movement. Dancing through life, her journey has brought her experiences within creative, performative, and therapeutic practices. Some of her identity markers include artist, healer, teacher, conscious mover; leading from the heart. She facilitates an organic and compassionate practice of fiercely approaching vulnerability and embodying whole-hearted living.

Won’t you abunDANCE with her?

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