Dance Movement Therapy

Tapping into the inherent source of creativity within us, Dance Movement Therapy is the practice of holistic embodiment.


Becoming conscious of the body/mind connection, we explore how movement behavior emerges in the functional, expressive, communicative, and adaptive realms.

When we dance, we feel the range of what it means to be alive. We connect to our body in an organic and supportive way. We are inspired by what is here and now. We feel the freedom of movement without comparison, agenda, or judgement.

Joyous Authentic Movement is a class to JAM with curiosity, openness, acceptance, and love. You are invited to connect to your wild and joyous body. You are invited to get out of your head and into the flow. You are invited to move as a source of authentic expression.

The class will include guided meditative movements, gradually increasing in space and time into self guided expressions of movement. There is no prior experience with dance or structured movement necessary, only open minds and willingness to embrace our inner-child that loves to dance! Please dress in loose comfortable clothes that allow for movement.

J.A.M. Joyous Authentic Movement
with Julie Brannen is Every Saturday at 12:00pm

Please dress in loose comfortable clothes that allow for movement.

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SheWolf Sacred Space

In this collaborative community immersion, we co-create a sacred space to summon, claim, heal and thrive. We show up fully to welcome all of who we are. We learn respect for ourselves and each other. We find the sanctity and integration of our unique human spiritual journeys. This space includes facilitated meditation, movement, and discussion. Through personal reflection, collective witnessing, participants will engage in a felt sense of being seen, held, honored in authentic expression. We explore what is sacred to you and how it can serve you on your journey onward.

SheWolf guidelines 

✨I commit to be honest and straight with you.
✨ I commit to take responsibility for myself.
✨ I will ask for support when I need it.
✨ I will ask for alone time when I need it and it means nothing personal to you.
✨ I will not try to fix you.
✨ I will listen to you.
✨ I will keep what you share confidential and not gossip about it.
✨ I will not speak negatively about you to others.
✨ I will celebrate your unique beauty and gifts.
✨ I will not hold myself back to fit in and I will support you in doing the same.

All are welcome. No prior experience with movement or meditation necessary. Come as you are.

SheWolf Sacred is a Chicago-based, global purpose revolution to venerate the embodied feminine soul. Through interdisciplinary artistic mediums, we create a process and platform for stories of divine resilience. Our intention is to center voices, hearts and bodies that have been impacted by systems of oppression. As a channel of unity consciousness, we connect, move, witness to engage in collective transformation and liberation. Our experiences range from ancient ritual practices to contemporary expressions, to exchanges.

$25 Preregister
$30 Day of


Julie Brannen

Emerging as SheWolfMama, is set out to unleash the wild within. She is devoted to the transformational power of movement. Dancing through life, her journey has brought her experiences within creative, performative, and therapeutic practices. Some of her identity markers include artist, healer, teacher, conscious mover; leading from the heart. She facilitates an organic and compassionate practice of fiercely approaching vulnerability and embodying whole-hearted living.

Won’t you J.A.M. with her?

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