Wisdom of the Lunar Woman

Every 3rd Sunday at 430pm

Join this sacred space to honor the goddess within, and welcome the flow instead of dreading it. In many cultures, a women's cycle is revered and carries a wisdom that is considered the most spiritual and purifying. Let’s continue this tradition into the 21st century and embody the divine feminine!

We will map out the inner seasons and female archetypes of the cycle. Know how to use it creatively and feel empowered. Recognize what your body is communicating to you through menstrual pain, PMS, and body cravings.

Then we'll shift into movement or meditation, or both. Whatever the circle needs at the time. Through movement medicine, we will balance hormones, enhance feminine energy, and delve into the different organs involved in the cycle (liver, heart, spleen, and kidneys). Through meditation, we will explore the pelvic bowl and how it channels your vitality and flow in the outside world. By connecting to our root place, we can define what the feminine means to us, and release any cultural or familial blocks to this sacred space within. We will end with a guided meditation to connect to your inner goddess.

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Each monthly tune in will build upon the last. As we begin to redefine this magic, we’ll deepen our understanding of it's power through sharing our experiences. Be a part of this women’s community, and let your cycle be heard!

Requirement & Note: You must know where you are in your moon cycle. It's OK if you are not experiencing your cycle (i.e.birth control, pregnancy), or are menopausal. Doing these exercises will allow you to feel more connected to your divine presence. Your energy creates empowerment and support for all women present.


$25 Memberships
$30 Preregister
$40 Day of

I’ve been in search of my “tribe” –likeminded, spiritual women–and felt like I found it tonight. I loved the combination of education and meditation...
— L.K

I can’t say enough positive things about these women’s circles. I’ve been several times and each time I walk away feeling more connected to myself and the women I shared space with.
— E.B

I took so much away from the circle. I feel like I’ve been trying to gain direction from this new found clarity and this was a great first step.
— anon