Sat Nam Summer Soulstice Fest is a time to Shine together!

Join us for an all day yogic celebration Saturday, June 22 2019

Celebrate the Solstice with the vibrant community of Sat Nam Yoga Chicago! Let the solar energies of this auspicious time nourish and support you. It’s time to honor the sun with open hearts and bow our heads to all that sustains us. We are soul shining with a full day of playshops and activities, capping off this most spirited day (you know how we do) with a high vibe Kundalini Yoga experience, Sound Journey and a Kirtan Campfire Jam. Join us in joy!

Welcome to the healing house of Sat Nam! Spend the day exploring 3 floors of practices that aren’t widely taught. Get swept up in a full spectrum of classes including yoga, dance and internal martial arts. Our healers are at your service for all your body work, massage, energy balancing and tarot reading needs. Make your way back to the lush garden courtyard, tie a prayer to a tree, take a barefoot stroll in the Reiki charged Meditation Labyrinth. Adorn your beauty-full self with henna body art and a flowered crown. Visit the ‘Our Sacred Life’ Boutique while you’re here- its always freshly stocked with inspiring gifts, books, jewelry, healing crystals, local art and holistic products.

Raffles on the hour win prizes and enter for chance to win a Three Month Membership! ($5 per ticket)

All Levels are always welcome. No experience necessary. If you are curious, COME.  
All events are first come, first served and there is plenty to explore!


*11:00a-12:00am Yoga Mala: 54 Sun Salutations + Dedications with Krystle Aguilera
Renew the Sun in You! with Energy Healers and Sound Therapists with Venus Sabay
*2:00p-3:00p AbunDANCE Movement for Prosperity with Julie Brannen
2:00p-3:30p Community Sun Mandala Ritual (multiples of natural foraged items and flowers appreciated)
3:30p-6:30p Mini Sessions with Resident Healers: Energy Balancing, Body Work & Tarot Readers by donation (3rd floor)


11:30a-3:00p Goddess and Boho Headdress Station (flower and ribbon donations appreciated)
11:30a-4:00p Walking Meditation Labyrinth + Prayer Tree supported by Reiki and Crystal Grids
12:00p-2:30p Food and Kava Sponsors
12:00p-3:00p Henna Tent (front courtyard)
*3:30p-4:30p Qi Gong/ Nei Gong with Damian Saucedo + Tai Chi with Jimmy Chan
5:00p-5:30p Drum and Ecstatic Dance Circle (drummers welcome)
*6:00p-7:15pm Kundalini Yoga with Multi Gong Sound Journey with Karampal and Sound Healers 
7:30p-9:00p Kirtan Campfire Jam with Andrea Klunder(musicians, poets and readings welcome)


$25 Full Day with *Classes (Early bird pricing until 6/15 midnight)
Full Day with *Classes(Register on 6/16 or after)
General Admission Classes with * not included with this option.
-20% off for Monthly Memberships