Every September, We Invite You to Open Up with Us.

The Annual Free Sat Nam Yogathon Open House where you’ll get chance to take a dip into the awesomeness and teaching diversity of Sat Nam Yoga Chicago. Spend the day with us and mingle with fellow soul shakers, yogis, activists and like minded folk. We offer 20 FREE Classes in yoga, internal martial arts and dance. Each class is condensed to 45 minutes to make it convenient for you try out as many classes that spark your interest. Explore our Healing Arts offerings to find which form of energy or body work works best for you. Experience techniques to build strength, manage stress and to create the inner harmony you’ve been looking for.

Anyone who is just getting started and would like to know more about the benefits of yoga, seasoned practitioners who want more in depth study, anyone who is bored with their current routine or just looking for another outlet to blow off some steam has found the right place. We have everything you need to create a well rounded practice and holistic lifestyle.