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Karampal’s greatest joy comes from teaching Yoga.  Her love affair with Kundalini Yoga began in 2006, when that little piece of inner bliss she had been searching for came in her very 1st try! The passion for sharing it’s benefits with others stems from her own life experience with its power to create ease and flow in LIFE. Karampal completed Immersion Training at the Kundalini Research Institute in Española, New Mexico in 2010. She continued her training with Gurmukh at Golden Bridge NYC for Prenatal Yoga, Lee Ann Carey/Restorative Yoga, Krishna Kaur/Yoga for Youth, and Bessel Van der kolk/PTSD and Trauma Awareness.

An avid world traveler and noted stylist who gracefully infuses the teachings with her creative energy and casual approach, her classes offer a loving, meditative experience that carries forward into your daily life.  She emphasizes the importance of strengthening the mind to go beyond what my seem are your limits. Karampal has spent her professional life showing her clients, and now her students the beauty that resides within them.  As a strong believer in community, she has co-organized events to benefit local and international charities and is a board member at I Grow Chicago NFP where she mentors, and teaches Yoga to at-risk youth in Englewood. Her newest endeavor Sat Nam Yoga Chicago was born with the intention of creating a knowledgeable spiritual community. Open for everyone to enjoy. An experience of trust, truth, compassion and overall (physical, mental and emotional) wellness through the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan, a dynamic mix of Yoga Styles and the Healing Arts.

Karampal’s teaching schedule

Mondays 6:30pm Kundalini

Wednesdays 5:30pm Beginners Kundalini and 7:30pm Intermediate Kundalini

Monthly Workshops and Rituals (see workshops)

Full Moon Fire Ceremony with Live Music

New Moon, New Beginnings Gong Immersion with Reiki Healers

Wicker Parks own Dj.RedLox has brought light to many lifes in his career as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor since 1995 and musical performances long before that! He is KRI Certified and has taught at many studios around Chicago including Spirit Rising & Chi and has taught Kundalini workshops all over the U.S.  As one of the most credible reggae, international music djs he has held residency at many of Chicago’s well known venues.  Currently, he is writing, producing, and has a syndicated weekly radio show broadcasted in Hawaii, Portland and Aspen.  The fire man! Siri Adi brings on the heat with his well of knowledge and powerful delivery of Kriyas and Meditations of Kundalini Yoga and counseling.

Siri Adi’s teaching schedule 

Thursdays Kundalini 7:30pm


Sarah Palmer, Restorative, Kundalini, Reiki Master

Although first introduced to meditation in 1999 and to yoga in 2002, it was many years before Sarah found a consistent practice. After experimenting intermittently with a variety of schools of both yoga and meditation, she discovered Kundalini in 2012 and hasn’t looked back since. Sarah holds a deep love of the practice and its transformational effects, and she is honored to teach classes in the Sat Nam Yoga community. Sarah is also a master level reiki practitioner and general spiritual enthusiast.

Sarah’s teaching schedule
Thursday 12:00apm Restorative with Reiki
Sunday 6:00pm Candlelight Reiki Restorative

Reiki Retrograde Workshop (see workshops)
Sarah is also available for Private Reiki Energy Balancing Sessions

Sangat Gian Grace, Kundalini 

Sangat Gian Grace, is a Yogi- KRI and YTA certified Kundalini Yoga teacher through Yoga West Los Angeles with Guru Singh. Grace is a certified Master Reiki practitioner with the Dr. Usui Shikoku Ryoho lineage of natural healing as of 2013. After intuitively learning herself for many years, Grace is now a certified Crystal Healer of the Crystal Academy through SatDevbir’s Chateau Singh in 2017. Grace graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Madison in 2014 with a degree in Fine Arts and Environmental Studies. She is passionate to make art that resonates with the ancient modern lifestyle and experiences the Kundalini Yoga lifestyle to be a complete embodiment of that.

Sangat Gians’s teaching schedule
Friday 10:00am Kundalini Yoga
Saturday 2:00pm

Tej Karam Kaur (Amy Kordeck), Kundalini Yoga
Tej Karam Kaur (Amy Kordeck) first stepped on her yogic path at age 16, finding her calling years later in teaching Kundalini Yoga due to its powerful and transformational effects on the mind, body, and soul. In her classes, Tej Karam focuses on connecting with our true self and gaining personal empowerment. Certified as a Trauma Informed yoga teacher, her dedication is to shine light into the dark areas of our lives affected by stress and trauma and to guide students to their place of health and happiness. Her classes are a safe space to work through blockages and to facilitate emotional release for healing and growth.

Tej Karam’s Teaching Schedule
Sundays 9:30am Kundalini Yoga

Laurence Schorsch, Kundalini Yoga Laurence has been a seva at Sat Nam for over a year, selflessly serving our community. This summer he took his practice to the next level by attending the 2016 Aquarian Teacher Training at the Hacienda Guru Ram Das in Española New Mexico. After a month immersion and time spent working in the organic gardens on-site, Laurence came back to Chicago to lead Monday morning community Sadhanas. Laurence is a living example of seva, service to others. He teaches intuitively and from a place of pure love with a deep reverence for the technology and its ability to transform our lives.


Laurence’s teaching schedule

Monday 5:00am Morning Call Mondays 

Friday 4:30am Early Morning Sadhana

Sunday 4:00pm Kundalini Yoga


Priti Simran Kaur | Kundalini Yoga

Priti Simran Kaur has been an integral part of the Sat Nam Community since the beginning. She has served as seva for years, and has grown alongside the studio in her practice of yoga on and off the mat. Even as Priti Simran has become a teacher, she continues to volunteer her time both at the studio and shelters across the city. Priti Simran has completed level two training with Gurmukh, and travelled to Espanola for Yogi Bhajan’s Birthday Sadhana this year. Her wealth of divine knowledge graciously flows through her in classes.


Vanessa Palmer Kundalini, Vinyasa Flow, Life Coach Author


Vanessa first stepped onto her mat over 12 years ago and fell in love with Yoga, meditation and spiritual, holistic living. She has a passionate calling to serve others and since then has been on a own path of self discovery being influenced along the way by her many teachers and guides. She loves to travel and explore the world and bring the practice of Yoga and meditation into the lives of others. Through Yoga and self-empowerment her goal is to always have her students leave a class, workshop or retreat feeling at peace, full of love and renewed.




Vanessa’s teaching schedule


Friday 5:45pm Kundalini Yoga



Dietrich McGaffey, Mindful Vinyasa 
After knee surgery followed by a car accident, yoga transformed Dietrich’s physical therapy into an integrated, restorative practice. Then meditation through breath and body kinetics brought focus to the struggle with attention.  He now teaches Hatha Yoga & Vinyasa to bring this opportunity for transformation and growth to everyone. Using smooth flow with structural integration, classes become a mindful vinyasa with balanced elements of yin and yang. Dietrich is a student of anatomy and alignment with Rich Logan and Tias Little.  He has studied arm balances, inversions and the ashtanga-vinyasa discipline, as well as drawing inspiration from Dharma Mittra and Ana Forrest. Dietrich’s classes run from gentle and restorative through challenging, core conditioning into anti-gravity flight. Learn how to perfectly align your breath and asana in his classes and feel the mind and body come into balance. Off the mat, Dietrich co-owns and operates Edible Alchemy.
Angelique Nelson, Mindful Vinyasa
Angelique began practicing yoga 2004 and has been teaching since 2009 after completed her certification through Moksha Yoga Center. She is also a Thai Bodyworker and Reiki energy healer. In her classes you will find a strong focus on alignment in an intention based flow. You can also expect a playful mix of more subtle practices such as mudras, bandhas, kriyas, and meditation/visualization techniques all dynamically woven together through the breath in a sequence meant to guide students into a greater understanding of their most optimal selves.
Angelique’s Teaching Schedule
Tuesday  7:30pm Candlelight Mindful Vinyasa

Gian Arjan Singh, Studio Manager, Kundalini Yoga

Gian Arjan Singh, formerly known as Mason Pain is an RYT200, also certified in Trauma Informed & Resilience-Based Yoga from the National Association of Social Workers & Yoga Alliance. Through yoga and meditation, it is Gian Arjan’s intention to bring celestial awareness and joy to your mind and heart, and assist you in creating harmony with your highest destiny. He views yoga as a tool to bridge the gap between our individual consciousness and the universal self, and increase our capacity to cope with the inherent pressures of being human.With this perspective, he sees yoga as using the time and space we have, the technology of our body, to become more capable human beings – physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. He follows the sutra’s thought that physical yoga is simply an expression of devotion to self evolution that words cannot create. Gian Arjan’s classes incorporate expressions of spirit, kriya yoga, pranayama and traditional vinyasa asana into one creative and meditative flow that encourages growth in your sense of self and in your practice.

Gian Arjan’s teaching schedule

Tuesday 5:30pm Kundalini Yoga
Available for private and group gong therapy


Tatiana Sanchez – Vinyasa Flow

Tatiana is a life long dancer, artist, healer and educator versed in an eclectic background in the movement, healing arts of over 20 years, steeped in earth-based shamanic traditions, is the founder of Shaktimuse Yoga, AcroYoga and Thai Fly Bodywork aka Yoga, Art and Nature. Amoung co- founding directing Earth Harp MASS Ensemble while pursuing a BA in dance at Columbia College of Chicago, she danced and taught professionally with Mordine & Co Dance Theater.

In 2001 she became a Certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist, with Saol David Raye, where she started singing kirtan, then ongoing in performances/recordings with Devi2000 for over 10yrs, also with Akoustikirtan & David Stringer among presenting at Bhakti Festival Midwest & Sukhava Bhode Yoga/Music Festival.

Tati’s first Yoga Teacher Training with Yogiraj Rod Stryker in Tantra/Hatha Yoga & Ayurveda in 2002 set the course for her studies in Eastern Philosophy, meditation, and yoga therapy. She received a 200hr Yoga Certification from Moksha Yoga Center & Daren Friesen among assisting the teacher training. She trained & taught extensively at Moksha Yoga for 5+ years, including receiving a 200+hr Certification in Universal Yoga/Dance of Shiva with Andrey Lappa, among completing Teacher Trainings/Intensives in Prana Flow with Shiva Rae, Yogic Arts with Duncan Wong; Off the Mat Into the World, Yoga Anatomy with Tias Little & Rich Logan, Level ll Thai Bodywork with Jen Yarrow, as well as assisted Teacher Trainings in Universal Yoga, assisted trainings with Shiva Rae, and assisted the first Blue Lotus Thai Massage School Certification.

In 2008 Tatiana found her home & delight in embodying her combined loves into one practice, invited to become a Certified teacher, later presenting AcroYoga for Nature Yoga & YogaNow Teacher Trainings, and Divine Play Festival. Besides presenting Shaktimuse AcroYoga performances, Tati loves ongoing training in yoga, acrobatics & Therapeutics, while developing community through this practice. Tatiana’s classes, workshops, and events are designed to inspire, empower, & celebrate the unique spirit of every individual through fun, challenging, supportive, alignment-based, breath conscious, fluid practices, among earth-honoring traditions that build strength, awareness, flow, & self acceptance, creating a body/mind/spirit abundant lifestyle.

Tatiana’s teaching schedule: 
Tuesday 10:00am Mandala Vinyasa
Thursday 5:45pm Mindful Vinyasa
Friday 4:00pm Vinyasa Flow 1&2
Sunday 11:15am AcroYoga Play
Frediliza David, Vinyasa/Hatha

Healer, teacher, peace ambassador, lover and student of life at heart. My journey so far has been filled with much difficulty and many challenges. It has led me to where I am today and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It was during these times that I was able to tap into my divine power and grace– to persevere through any situation, grow with the flow of life, and heal through self-awareness and self love.

Yoga has been instrumental in my growth and transformation. My intent is to share my love for this ancient healing art, encourage others to shine through the dark, and to embrace all life experiences– good and bad. I believe that we have the power to cultivate a healthy, harmonious, and happy life. So come as you are, explore the depth of the body, mind, and spirit and discover the inner strength and beauty that lies within.

Frediliza is a 200hr RYT and Certified Thai Massage Practitioner. She studied with Anna Argeropolous of Shakti Shack Yoga and Paul Fowler of Blue Lotus Thai Healing Studies in Chicago. She is also an active and founding member of non profit organization Yoga Gardens. She is inspired by the universe, truth, and the natural world.

Frediliza’s teaching schedule: 
Wednesday 11:30am Grow with the Flow
Madison Rose, Mindful Vinyasa

Madison’s yoga journey began in Kerala, India where she stared her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Classical Yoga. Her classes unite mind, body, and breath as a means to become more aware on and off the mat. She delivers creative and playful sequencing with focus on alignment and body awareness. Madison teaches Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Restorative, and Intro/Beginner yoga classes. She invites her students on a journey, where they can experience strength and flexibility in mind and body, release through relaxation and stillness, compassion-centered yogic philosophy, and thought-provoking mindful meditations to begin and end each class.

“Regardless of the style of yoga I am teaching, my intention is to create a safe space for my students to move inward, unveiling their true self, letting go of self doubt in order to move to the beat of their own heart in class and in life.” – Madison Rose

Madison’s teaching schedule
Wednesday 6:00pm Mindful Vinyasa with Healing Song

Saturday 12:00pm Mindful Vinyasa with Healing Song

Cher Nicolas, Vinyasa, Hatha

Having been passionately involved in the fitness industry for over a decade as an enthusiast, competitor, trainer, mentor, teacher, supporter, and lover, yoga was not the very first discipline that Cher picked up, but she knew once it had found her that it would be something she wanted to be able to share with others. Her class style has been described as mystical, nurturing and honest. Fusing together the knowledge from experience as a former healthcare professional along with a respect and affinity for metaphysics, nature, and the universe at large, she looks forward to guiding other students along their path with all of the positivity, progress, and growth that she herself has found within the practice.

Cher’s teaching schedule

Wednesday 10:00am Gentle Hatha and Reiki

Monica Bren, Hatha/Yin/Anusara

Monica became intimate with the practice of yoga as a means for self care during a busy, transitional time. She later moved to the remote woodlands of the Pacific Northwest to mentor with various guides. Monica became a certified yoga instructor with a specialization in the centuries-old Himalayan tradition. With breath and mindfulness as the basis of every class, she has developed a unique style consisting of Hatha, Yin and Anusara yoga.

Monica’s teaching schedule
Thursday 10:00am Restorative Yoga
Friday 6:00pm Candlelight Yin Yoga


Andrea KlunderBhakti Vinyasa Flow

Andrea believes in an integrated approach to cultivating whole mind-body connection. She teaches a combination of Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, meditation, reiki, voice & mantra healing. Her love, Bhakti Yoga devotional chanting is a practice that she loves to share as much as humanly possible. She has been featured on The Yogipreneur Virtual Conference Series, Women in Travel Summit and Women’s Health Foundation.

Andrea’s Teaching Schedule

Monday 5:15pm Bhakti Vinyasa Flow: Mantra and Movement

Damian Perez, Meditation
Damian sets a space built with unconditional love and compassion which allows you to let go of all your burdens and bring your awareness to your own breath. With this focused awareness to your own body comes deep relaxation. When you are relaxed and calm your body begins to communicate…and Damian listens. Using his own unique energy healing and meditation techniques and guided by a strong connection to the Divine, Damian facilitates your own body’s innate ability to heal itself.
Damian’s teaching schedule
Sat Nam Reiki Socials see workshops
Astrology Readings call for consultation.
Julie Brannen, Dance Movement Therapy
Julie practices as an artist and healer in several realms. She works as a dance/movement therapist with Institute for Therapy Through the Arts, Glenkirk Life Balance Services, and in private practice with Chicago Dance Therapy. In addition, she works with various community outreach and arts-integration organizations such as Dancing With Class, and Hubbard Street Dance Chicago. She also collaborates and performs with modern dance company, Salty Lark Dance and dance-activist, Ashley Fargnoli. She believes in the wisdom of the body, and power of movement to transform and heal. Having alignined with her passion, curiosity, and strength, guiding her journey, and creating meaning in her life, she hopes to inspire the same movement in the lives of everyone she’s able to share with.
Julies’s teaching schedule
Friday 7:30pm AbunDANCE Movement Therapy
Jimmy Chan Shifu, Tai Chi
Scholar, teacher, healer

Jimmy Chan Shifu has been studying and practicing TaiJi Quan and Chinese Gung Fu for over 20 years. First as a child, with what he calls the watered down beginnings to the discovery of his many teachers.  Beginning with Grandmaster of TaiJi Quan and Gung Fu, Dr. Shi Cun Wu (Shifu) at the KangTai TaiJi Center in Chicago where his true traditional training began.

Wu Shifu said that Jimmy Chan is what the chinese call “the perfect student” he has 5 Brains meaning, he was impressed with his ability to retain and perform so he pushed him to excel quickly.  Jimmy Chan was already an international sensation as a competitive bodybuilder who at the point had won the Mr. America title as a natural athlete as well as being a vegetarian. Wu Shifu entered him in countless local and international martial arts competitions where Jimmy would make his mark. He has won over 20 Gold Medals, 25 Silver Medals and 10 Bronze Metals with countless of awards of recognition of skill and contributions to the martial arts community.

In the late 90’s, while competing in a tournament in Chicago, Jimmy would meet 34th Generation Shaolin Monk Shi Yan Ming, yet another figure who would change his life forever. Jimmy has been training at the USA Shaolin Temple in NY,NY for the past 18 years where he studies the essence of Gung Fu, TaiJi Quan and Chan Buddhism. He was taken as a disciple in 2003 and has travelled and studied throughout China while traveling with the Abott.

He is certified to teach and most proficient in Chen Style, Yang Style, Wu Style, Sun Style, Mulan Ch’uan, TaiJi Palm (1-3 Sets), Qi Gong, Various weapons including sword, staff, daggers, fan, broadsword and much more. Jimmy has been teaching for the past 25 years as a fitness trainer, massage therapist and TaiJi Instructor who has travelled around the world as an Ambassador of Health and Fitness while prepping two manuscripts of poetry, “Streams of Consciousness 69Times” and “Don’t Kill the Messenger…” which are currently available online. Jimmy is a body worker certified by Bob King and Jim Hackett. Has worked with silver screen and stage performers from Cirque du Soleil, The Full Monty International Touring Group, Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Chris O’Donnell, Taylor Tullis-Miller, public officials, amateur and pro athletes alike.

Jimmy Chan’s teaching schedule

Sunday 10:00am Tai Chi

Damian Saucedo, Tai Chi, Qi Gong
Damian Saucedo began practicing martial arts at the age of 17 and two years later found his teacher. He studied with his teacher who later introduced two more teachers to his regimen so Damian could practice full time on a strict program of 5 to 10 hours daily. Damian’s natural gifts were evident, he was taken in as a disciple free of charge, made family member and was granted a teacher status after rigorous training. He is well versed in chen taiji, bayingquan, three styles of baguazhnag, xingyiquan, 18 lohan palm including various other martial and health qigongs and neigongs. Through his own discipline and devotion Damian has mastered the art of teaching and just knows what works! He has developed a keen eye and flexible teaching style to suit all levels of learning. Learn about the benefits for these ancient practices Tuesday mornings at 10:00am.
Damian’s teaching schedule: 
Tuesday 4:00pm Tai Chi Various Forms
Thursday 4:00pm Tai Chi Various Forms
Jerry Mikutis, Reiki Master and Yin Yoga Instructor

Jerry is a teacher of Usui Holy Fire II Reiki and Usui Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki. She is a member of the Reiki Membership Association and has taken Reiki classes with various Reiki teachers in the Chicago area as well as traveling to continue her education with Reiki Masters William Lee Rand in Glastonbury, England and Michael Baird and Laurelle Shanti Gaia in Arizona to further her knowledge and connection with Usui Holy Fire II Reiki.

She shares dynamic healing techniques that soothe emotional distress and balance your body’s natural energy. She is our Reiki Program Coordinator and offers Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Placements – Beginners to Master Level Certifications. She nurtures our Reiki students into becoming confident healers.  

Jerry’s teaching schedule

Reiki Certifications(1,2 and Master Level)  (see workshops)

Venus Sabay, Seasonal Qi Gong

Since 2006 she has cultivated the skill of breathing, and in 2012 became a Certified Medical Qi Gong Practitioner under the study of Sifu Gail Galivan at Inner Alchemy Energy Medicine. She has worked at Rush Medical Center and Mathers-More Than a Cafe, to incorporate recreational and wellness programs for the senior community.  She graduated with a BA in Psychology from University of IL at Chicago in 2000. As a musician and singer, Venus also draws inspiration from performing regularly around the city.  In acknowledging the effectiveness of self-discovery and truth, her objective is to guide each person to their own unique path via healing and balance in the mind-body relationship realm.  Turning off the outside world while emphasizing intuition, creativity, and imagination, she utilizes the power of intention with coordinated breath and gentle moving meditations. Her classes allow each individual to experience the inner working of their universe with significance and ease, creating a more harmonious life.

Venus’s teaching schedule

Tuesday 6:30pm Qi Gong

Sunday 2:00pm Qi Gong Immune Booster Series with Sound Healing
Available for private crystal bowl and Chelation 
healing sessions 


Robbin Carrol,  Mentor
Robbin is the Founder and Visionary of I Grow Chicago NFP.  A program that employs and involves at-risk urban youth in the growth of their own communities through Urban Farming, working together, Yoga and the Arts.  She is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor with special training in working with children, particularly special needs and at-risk youth. During the 1980s she taught special education at the Cabrini Green Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) public housing project located on Chicago’s Near North Side.  Over the years she has trained with YogaKids, Brain Gym, Rhythmic Movement Program and Radiant Child Yoga. Robbin is partly responsible for many of the pop up gardens on Chicago’s Southside. She teaches yoga at Englewood Montessori and at her latest project, the I Grow Peace House, providing free weekly yoga and community events to the residents of Englewood.

Management Team

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Karampal Kaur


Gian Arjan Singh


Frediliza David

I have practiced many forms of yoga, but have been wanting to come here to try Kundalini for years and finally made it for the first time last night. The studio is beautiful, and the energy very warm and inviting. The class was amazing and I connected very deeply with it and will be coming back. My friends and I loved it. This is exactly what I have been needing in my life. I will be back very soon!

Sydnee Hogan