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Take unlimited yoga, tai-chi, & qi-gong classes, and get free entry to all community and monthly events as you test drive what life is like as Sat Nam Yoga member.

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Fall Equinox Sound Journey
TWO sessions!

September 22nd: 530pm-730pm & 8pm-10pm

We are offering 20 FREE Classes in yoga, internal martial arts and dance. Each class has been condensed to 45 minutes to make it convenient for you try out as many classes that spark your interest. Explore our Healing Arts offerings to find which form of energy or body work works best for you. Experience techniques to build strength, manage stress and to create the inner harmony you’ve been looking for.

NEw Paradigm MDT Basic Master Healer

August 31st: 7:00p-8:30p

Dedicate your weekend to clearing out old emotions, fear, and judgement, and activating your energy systems to support you in experiencing more love, compassion, and spiritual growth. Learn how to facilitate hands-on energy work for yourself and others.

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Acoustic Soul Flow

September 23rd: 1:30p-3:30p

Awaken your soul, calm your mind and flow freely to live music as we set intentions inspired by the coming of the Full Moon. Enjoy a blend of meditation, breath-work and mindful movements woven together to create a soul-quenching experience with gentle gutiar vibrations playing over you during savsana.

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Full moon ceremony at the joinery

September 25th: 7:00p – 8:30p

This event offers a space of sacred ritual offering establishing a grounding connection between you and the greater life rhythms of the Earth. Feel the transformational effects of a Kundalini Yoga Set, Meditation and perform a ritual to invite positive change into your life.

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1st Friday Community Healing Circle

1st Friday Community Healing Circle

September 7th: 6:00p – 10:00p

20 of Chicago’s Healers gather to offer their services in a mini-session, by-donation format. Explore everything from tarot to thai massage. Ask your questions, find your answers, feel good.

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Reiki 1 Certification

September 28th: 9:30a – 6:00p

Level one is the gentle introduction to the concepts of Reiki Healing. During this course you will connect directly to the Reiki source through Holy Fire. After the Level One class the Reiki energy will be accessible to you through your intention. You can treat and heal yourself and others hands on and in person.

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Cosmic AbunDANCE & Kava Circle

September 28th: 7:30p – 9:00p

Join us for a monthly community dance party! Prepare for take of into a star lit healing vortex of dance movement therapy! Join us for a holistic journey of warm-up, exploration, immersion, and reflection. Drop the labels and inhibitions for a few moments to sooth your soul.

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Reiki 2 Certification

September 29th: 9:30a – 6:00p

Level 2 is a game changer! It amplifies your connection to the energy. This class opens up the energy centers of the body approximately four times greater than the expansion in Level 1. It refines your healing ability to help others find relief, and enhances your spiritual connection..

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Cacao Ceremony

Cacao Ceremony

September 29th: 5:00a – 8:00p

Using the finest quality, fair trade pure Cacao from a Guatemalan Shaman, this ceremony gives anyone curious and intentional the chance to connect with the Spirit of the Cacao as a tool to safely open their heart to be healed, to be inspired, and to be transformed. This workshop take you deeper with breathwork, song and more.

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