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Take unlimited yoga, tai-chi, & qi-gong classes, and get free entry to all community and monthly events as you test drive what life is like as Sat Nam Yoga member.

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Opening Anahata: A Singing and Sound Meditation Journey

November 30: 7:30p-9:00p

A heart opening journey of singing, meditation and sound healing with singer, teacher and sound guide, Davin Youngs. Blending ancient and contemporary tools, voice, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and other overtone-emitting instruments participants will be guided to a place of deep restoration.

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Sacred Union: Dance of the Divine

December 2nd: 1:30p – 3:30p

Using Dance/Movement Therapy, Yoga, and Tantra, we’ll hold space for an embodied experience of personal & collective Divine Feminine & Masculine. Explore certain qualities within your physical and energetic body, witness transformation, and reflect on your internal work.

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Meditations with the Masters

December 6th: 6:15p-7:45p

Guided by the Masters, these channelled meditations support you through energetic clearings, activating different parts of your energy systems, bringing you to new levels of personal growth, understanding of self, and living a life of joy, abundance, passion, and creativity.

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Reiki 1 Certification

December 7th: 9:30a – 6:00p

Level one is the gentle introduction. During this course you will connect directly to the Reiki source through Holy Fire. After the Level One class the Reiki energy will be accessible to you through your intention. You can treat and heal yourself and others hands on and in person. From here, your connection will grow stronger with practice.

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1st Fridays Community Healing Circle

December 7th: 6p – 10:00p

Discover alternative non-invasive therapy for you and your family. Whether you are looking for a little relief from chronic pain or you are just in the mood for some pampering we hope you get questions answered and decide which modalities are best for you here. Ends with gong wash!

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New Moon Ceremony New Beginnings Gong Journey with Reiki Healers

December 8th: 6:30p – 8:00p

A monthly ritual to invite new intentions into our lives through Mantra, Meditation and a Multi-Gong Immersion with Reiki Healers. Each participant will receive a personal reiki energy treatment during the gong journey.

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Reiki 2 Certification

December 9th: 10:00a – 6:30p

Level 2 is a game changer! It amplifies your connection to the energy. This class opens up the energy centers of the body approximately four times greater than the expansion in Level 1. It will refine your healing ability, help others find relief from pain or discomfort, and enhance your spiritual connection.

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Ecstatic Breathwork

Crystal Bowl Group Sound Meditation with Acupuncture

December 9th: 12:00p – 1:30p

Enjoy a deeply relaxing crystal bowl meditation while three acupuncture points will be activated for the Winter season. While clearing and balancing the human energy field, the high frequency vibrations will create a more optimistic state of mind and wellbeing. Meditation can be done lying down or sitting up.

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