Ain't No Place Like Home

Hear what people love about Sat Nam Yoga Chicago!



“I consider Sat Nam a healing sanctuary where regardless of what is going on in the world one can reset just by stepping into the studio. The healers which provide modalities from around the world and across time have been incredibly curative to all which has ailed me. The energy of the people there has been instrumental in my journey. I am honored to call them friends, mentors, students, and my community. #zenpolice”

– Juan Gonzalez


Tatiana’s Vinyasa class was excellent! As a first time student, I felt very welcomed and appreciated. The new student offer is unbeatable – looking forward to next class!

Gianna Capparelli

Thank you Sat Nam for such a beautiful, welcoming past couple days in Chicago. Your blissful studio and heartwarming teachers really brought me back into with myself and my practice. Can’t wait to visit again when I’m in the city. With deep gratitude.

Em Shaw

Very community-oriented, unintimidating, diverse, and warm.

That gong bath tho.

Brandon Robert

I love what you and all your teachers and staff have created. Sat Nam is an incandescent place- enlivening my life and curiosity so much.

Jeff Ginsberg