The Nam in The News

Sat Nam Yoga has been featured in The Numinous, Yoga Journal on ABC Chicago and more. For press inquiries, please contact Karampal Kaur.

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Yoga Journal
Live Be Yoga: "Something Happens as I Continue to Chant..."

“Chanting Sat Nam with about 30 other yogis in class, my eyes are closed, arms raised overhead, and palms pressed together. At first I’m overthinking it, trying to keep up with the ”right” tempo and “right” emphasis on the mantra…”

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Reuters/Jim Young
Real Men Do Yoga | Photos

“Karampal Kaur teaches a yoga class in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, August 13, 2014. A non-profit group "I Grow Chicago" uses yoga to help community members meditate and create inner peace in hopes to combat poverty and violence in one of the city's most violent neighborhoods...”


The Numinous
A Guide to Spiritual Chicago

“The second you step into this cozy, sanctuary-within-the-city you’ll want to curl up on a white sheepskin rug and never leave. Take a kundalini class in the sun drenched front room, shop for sage and crystals in the store or book a treatment with some of the area’s most sought after healers….”


Natural Awakenings
Sat Nam Yoga Studio is a Community for Healing and Growth

“While there is no shortage of yoga studios in the Chicagoland area, few of them offer as full a menu of events, workshops, healing services and comprehensive support to their students like Sat Nam Yoga Chicago, in the West Loop...”