Welcome to Sat Nam Yoga Chicago

First time students

First time students can take advantage of our $20 for 2 Weeks of Unlimited Yoga New Student Deal. This will give you membership-like access to unlimited weekly classes and select community events for your first 14 days of exploration and community immersion. To feel confident and get the most out of your first visit, read the following page for the “know before you go.”


Arrival & Orientation


Sat Nam occupies 3 levels in the Historic Abraham Grosbeck House at 1304 W. Washington Blvd.

When you arrive, head up the stairs toward the maroon double doors. Buzz “Sat Nam” on the buzz box and we’ll get you in quick. Halfway down the main hall you’ll find a place to kick off your shoes.

There is a closet and cubbies for your belongings, past the boutique on the way to the main practice room(aka the sun room).

Registration & Class Check in


Upon arrival, check in with the friendly folks behind the front desk. They can check you into classes or your healing service appointment.

New student check-ins are a breeze if you fill out the registration/waiver form(link below)prior to arrival. If you plan to register when you get here, we ask that you allow 10-15 minutes before your class time to get settled in.


Mat rentals and Gear


We have everything you need to practice.

Yoga mat and yoga blanket rentals are $2 each per use. You can leave cash donation in the “Karma basket” at the front desk, or charge the rental to your card.

Help yourself to yoga props, chairs, yoga straps, blocks, meditation shawls and cushions free of charge. You are of course welcome to bring your own props.

Bottled water and healthy snacks are available for purchase.

Respect your Sacred Space


Please be mindful of your noise level.

As soon as you walk in, you’ll notice the main class room to your left. At any time a class, meditation or private session may be going on, so we ask you kindly to arrive respectful of the space that others may be in.

Please silence or turn off your cellphone.

Even on vibrate sometimes phones can bring a literal vibration into the room that distracts another student from their internal connection. If you are on doctor, doula, officer or care giver on call we are happy to keep an eye on it for you. Arrangements can be made with our friends at the front desk.

Kick off your socks and get comfy. Use any time before class to stretch, enjoy silence or meet a new friend!

After Class & CommuniTEA Time


We invite you to stay for tea after every class.

After class store props and mats neatly in the prop closet. If you have rented a mat, there is no need to wash it. We do it for you.

It is a Sat Nam tradition after practice to relax with cup of freshly brewed yogi tea. Made from a blend of 5 spices brewed from scratch at the studio everyday. Yogi tea is wonderful for upper respiratory health and your immune system. Tea time really helps you ground the experience of your practice, and provides the time and space to connect with others, ask questions and just not be in such a rush.

It would be awesome if you washed your own teacup. We appreciate the extra hands!


If you have questions prior to arriving, please contact us.

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