Qi Gong

Discover the power of self healing through moving meditations to create a relaxation response to stress, sharpen the mind, enhance the immune system, and even reverse the aging process. It is a different approach to health. Instead of a high physical intensity work out, it is slow gentle movements and coordinated breath to allow you to cultivate your qi, or life force energy. Think Tai Chi, but not martial arts based. The exercises are simple, repetitive, and build your energy instead of depleting it (like working out at the gym for example). You learn how to defend yourself against illness and emotional stress, and break the patterns that contribute to your stress. Just one class will leave you feeling centered, calm, and self aware.

Qi Gong Instructor Venus Sabay

In these sessions you will learn how to harmonize your Qi with the seasons

Each season has its own qi and correlates to different emotions, and organs within the body.  As these cyclical energies greatly influence the functions of each organ, our inner balance and relationship to the surrounding environment are also affected. Become a force with nature, and no longer feel out of sync.

Tuesdays 6:00pm
Sundays 2:00pm

Tai Chi Instructor Jimmy Chan Shifu

Tai Chi

Through specific movements and conscious natural breathing, we connect and strengthen the three Bodies- Mind, Physical Body and Spirit. Through specific patterns of moving meditations, the practitioner will develop strength and endurance in many aspects of each of the 3 bodies

Initially developed as a martial art, and incorporating the concept of yin and yang, the foundation of Chinese culture, metaphysics and medicine, the practice of Tai Chi dates back 3000 years. Everything in the universe can be categorized as yin or yang. Examples of yin are female, night, cold, soft and black; the corresponding yang energies are male, day, fire, hard and white. When yin and yang energies are balanced, all things are in harmony. Though there are countless of variations of TaiJi, there are 5 Main Families of TaiJi most commonly practiced today. The series of movements chosen will be taken initially from the Yang Family. Since they require less athletic abilities, Yang Family TaiJi has become more accessible to the old and young alike!

Explore various methods for health, self defense, longevity, greater power and self awareness.

We serve all levels

We offer an introduction and all levels approach to various methods and aspects of the fascinating world of the school of martial arts. Move your life force energy through various forms of tai chi (walking meditation), baguazhang(more aggressive form), xingyiquan, qi gong(subtle form) and other systems of internal cultivation.

TaiChi's silk reeling, push hands and fajin (whole body intrinsic energy). Baguazhang's circle walking moving meditation and dragon serves tea exercises, as well as the five elemental theory and movements from xingyiquan will all be covered and explored in detail.

All levels welcome. No prior experience in martial arts is necessary just an interest to explore. 

Tuesdays 4pm
Wednesdays 11am
Thursdays 4pm
Sundays 10am