Reiki is a gentle non invasive, hands-on energy balancing system that induces a state of peace and joy. Reiki is not taught in the way other healing techniques are taught. It is transferred to the student by the Source of Reiki, facilitated by an Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Master during a placement process. This opens all the chakras, especially the crown, heart, and palm chakras and creates a special link between the student and the infinite Reiki source of unconditional love.


Reiki Certification offerings

Reiki Level 1 Certification (1 day) 

Reiki Level 2 Certification (1 day) 

Reiki Master Training (2.5 days) 

Reiki Master ART (Advanced Reiki Training) (3 days) 

Sat Nam Yoga Reiki Placements are in Usui Holy Fire II which is an evolution of the Usui lineage from Mikao Usui in the 1920s of Japan. Usui Holy Fire II Reiki is an expansion of Tibetan Usui Reiki (sometimes labeled as “Usui Reiki”). In Tibetan Usui Reiki classes, the energy that is passed from teacher to student is set at the same energetic vibration to what Usui Sensei received in 1922, and is also filtered through the auric field of the teacher through attunements. With Holy Fire the teacher is merely a guide that leads the student to a receptive state where the Holy Fire Reiki energy interacts with the student directly through a variety of processes called “Experiences”, “Placements” and “Ignitions”. As a result, the energy that is transmitted to the student is higher, finer and more pure and surprisingly powerful despite the lack of direct interaction with the teacher.


Reiki 1

Reiki Level 1 is the gentle introduction to the concepts of Reiki Healing. During this course you will connect directly to the Reiki source through Holy Fire. After the Reiki Level One class the Reiki energy will be accessible to you through your intention. You can treat and heal yourself and others hands on and in person. From here, your connection will grow stronger with practice.

Cost $160

Pre-requisite None! Anyone can learn the gentle healing art of Reiki, no matter where they are in their perceived Spiritual and healing journey, from beginners to advanced meditators, yogis and healing arts practitioners as well as social workers, therapists and medical professionals and all others who have an open mind and curiosity to learn Reiki.

Reiki 2

Reiki Level 2 is a game changer, it amplifies your connection to the energy. This class opens up the energy centers of the body approximately four times greater than the expansion in Level 1. It will refine your healing ability, help others find relief from pain or discomfort, and enhance your spiritual connection. Because this is the Practitioner level, you may start charging for your services as well as send Reiki over time and space through distance healing.

Cost $250

Pre-requisite Level 1 certification by any teacher and in any Reiki tradition. There is no waiting period between Levels 1 and 2 (was formerly suggested to wait a month in between 1 and 2). If you have not taken Level 1 with Jerry, please email a copy of your certificate to


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Reiki Master

Reiki Master is the final level of Reiki within the Usui Holy Fire II system and can be taken immediately after the ART class with no waiting period. Ignitions are the beauty of this class, which installs the living Holy Fire Reiki flame within the student. The Holy Fire has the unlimited potential to grow in the student long after the class has ended, the energy is alive in the student and constantly evolving into something better and better, and thus, the student’s life gets better and better

Cost $500

Prerequisite Level 3/Advanced Reiki Training Certification in the Usui Holy Fire II that includes placements of the Reiki energy by any teacher (not attunements associated with Tibetan Usui Reiki). Due to the sensitive nature of the ignition process, the student *must* be present for all 3 days of class. For further clarification, please email


After 6 months after taking Reiki Level Two, you may be ready to deepen your Reiki practice. It is time for the third level of Reiki: Advanced Reiki Training! At this point, Reiki is no longer just a modality you use to heal yourself or others, but a way of life. This is the spiritual level of Reiki. It is approximately four times the level of energy you received in Level 2. The Master Symbol and Reiki Peace Grid are taught as well as techniques such as meditations and working with crystals.

Cost $850

Prerequisite Level 1 and 2 Certification by any teacher and in any Reiki tradition taken 6 months ago or longer. If you have not taken Levels 1 and 2 with Jerry, please email a copy of your certificates at



Reiki Master teacher, Jerry Mikutis

Jerry is a teacher of Usui Holy Fire II Reiki and Usui Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki. She is a member of the Reiki Membership Association and has taken Reiki classes with various Reiki teachers in the Chicago area as well as traveling to continue her education with Reiki Masters William Lee Rand in Glastonbury, England and Michael Baird and Laurelle Shanti Gaia in Arizona to further her knowledge and connection with Usui Holy Fire II Reiki. She shares dynamic healing techniques that soothe emotional distress and balance your body’s natural energy. She is our Reiki Program Coordinator and offers Usui Holy Fire II Reiki Placements – Beginners to Master Level Certifications.

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